Grow Your Own


With Spring on its way there’s no better time to think about growing your own home-grown produce, we have everything to get you started for the season ahead, from seed to matured fruit trees!

There’s nothing quite like sitting down for a meal and knowing that the food you’re about to eat has been home grown and picked, and is fresher than any shop bought produce. Not only that, but growing your own food promotes healthier living and is a fantastic way to get children involved in gardening.

You don’t need a large space or an allotment, the new trend for vertical gardening is perfect for growing kitchen herbs, or even strawberries. Reaping the rewards is well worth the time and effort you put in. Whether you’re growing your own for the first time, or you’re a prize-winning grower, we have everything you need here in store, just take a look at some of our top picks for this spring here.

Go on, get growing!

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