Garden Care

We stock just about everything you could possibly need to tend to and care for your garden.

You will find a comprehensive selection of weedkillers specifically designed to tackle weeds on lawns, in plant borders and on paths & patios as well as weedkillers for more stubborn weeds.

We stock a range of plants feeds that are suitable for all types of plants as well as feeds specially formulated for individual plants such as Orchids, Bonsai, citrus plants, Cacti and ericaceous plants.

If you like to grow your own fruit, vegetables, herbs or salad crops we can also supply food to encourage tastier, more plentiful crops.

We stock a host of pest and disease treatments design to solve all manner of insect and disease infestations that cause havoc to your plants. Many of our treatments involve no chemicals at all such as our organically certified slug pellets and our range of biological pest controls.

For customers who love their lawns we stock a wide range of lawn feeds which include products that contain weed & moss killers. As well as a general purpose lawn seed we sell lawn seed that will grow in shady areas, seed to create a fine lawn and seed that will grow in a range of difficult areas. We also sell patch packs that are great for repairing bald patches on in your lawn, caused by children & pets.

We sell a range of stainless steel and carbon cultivating tools as well as a wide selection of secateurs, loppers and pruners.

We also sell hanging baskets, plants supports, watering equipment, netting, compost bins seeds, bulbs, plant pots, garden paint, wood preservatives, garden bags, propagation equipment, gloves, footwear and much, much more.

Whatever your gardening requirements, pop in to see us, we’d love to meet you.

If you need any help or advice please call us on 01305 836021 or e-mail us at